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Strategic Translation

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Strategic translation is a must in order to maintain a successful presence in another country. Message variances extend beyond words and languages to distinct cultural, lifestyle and value variances. The native speaking industry experts at Communicaid, Inc. consult with you as a long-term partner to develop finely honed messages for your products or services.

Service Levels: Urgent Response Tactical Translation Strategic Translation
Communicaid Advantage checked checked checked
Accuracy checked checked checked
Responsiveness checked checked checked
Dedicated Project Management checked checked checked
Translation Memory Repetitions Discounts checked checked checked
Knowledge Base Personalization checked checked checked
Typesetting/DTP checked checked checked
No Hidden Fees Quote checked checked checked
Glossary Creation checked checked
Deadline Immediate Weeks to Months depending on the size of the source document Long Term planning for an entire year's worth of projects
Goals Meet tight deadlines with accurate translation Produce highly accurate translation to meet Liability Concerns i.e. product labels, user manuals, publication quality material, legal documents etc. Optimize message effectiveness for a particular country or culture i.e. marketing messages, website localization, publication of a book etc.
Translation Memory Creation Can only use Client’s existing Translation Memory Can create a Translation Memory from Client’s previous translations Can create a Translation Memory from Client’s previous translations
Linguist Selection We select the linguists and share the profiles with Client We suggest the linguists, but Client can select based on profiles Client has full control to select the linguists based on profiles and test translations
Source Text Cultural Customization Cultural Faux Pas are pointed out after translation and can be corrected in the review cycle Review of the source text before translation for Cultural Faux Pas prevents multiple corrections for multiple languages in the review cycle Full Cultural Customization Consulting services before source text is finalized ensures optimum message effectiveness
Cost of Project Rush charges may apply Standard rates (Volume discounts may apply) Deep Volume discounts typically apply

Benefits of Strategic Translation from Communicaid, Inc.

As a Strategic translation partner, you'll benefit from a dedicated Project Manager who provides detailed, real-time project status which allows you to feel confident about translation progress and offers the flexibility to adjust to changing circumstances. You'll also value:
  • Complete cultural customization that integrates all language, cultural, lifestyle and industry differences.
  • A dedicated team of native speaking translators, editors and proofers with industry experience.
  • Development of terminology lists, glossaries and style guides for consistency.
  • Typesetting and desktop publishing options.
  • Linguistic and functional quality assurance through use of Translation Memory and SafetyNet™.
Additionally, with our extensive client review and feedback process, satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact us today to discuss your strategic translation needs.