Website Translation

With tight time constraints... multiple time zones, mindshare and cultural nuances ... Communicaid exceeded our expectations.
-Leslie Murdock, Manager, Consumer PR McAfee

Increase Traffic and Revenue with Content Localization from a Website Translation Company

The Internet has no borders, so if your website content is directed solely at English speaking users, you are missing out on 75% of potential traffic and the associated revenue. To effectively compete in a global marketplace, your website must target populations in their native languages, using localized symbols and lexicons for enhanced usability, reach and interactivity.

Website Translation Company Professionals Make Localization Simple

Reaping the benefits of website localization is easy when you choose to work with an experienced website translation company like Communicaid. Led by dedicated Project Managers and comprised of native speaking product, locale and market experts who support over 80 languages worldwide, your team continuously works to maximize the impact of your message through appropriate style, context, accuracy, and congruency.

The Process

As a professional website translation company, Communicaid has the experience to localize web-based messages across multicultural boundaries in a well-defined yet adaptable process.
  • Project charts and timelines define deliverables and establish deadlines.
  • Glossaries and style guides are created to ensureconsistency and client specific accuracy.
  • Brand identity guides are defined and refined based on the target audience.
  • Translation, editing and proofreading are completed by industry, language and culture experts. Communicaid's proprietary tool, SafetyNet™ and Translation Memory, are utilized to boost efficiency and accuracy.
Experience the difference a qualified website translation company can make for your website localization. Contact Communicaid, Inc. today for an estimate.