Multimedia Recording

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Maximize the Reach of Multimedia Assets with Voice-over Translation Services

Multimedia content is often transferable across global audiences if the audio can adapted for multilingual viewers. Whether you have previously developed multimedia content or are beginning a new project, the professionals at Communicaid, Inc. can make it understood in any language with our voice-over translation and recording services.

Depending on your target market, it might be preferable to subtitle audiovisual materials while others would consider it distracting and would prefer language dubbing. Your Communicaid project manager will help you determine the best option and guide you through the voice-over translation process – beginning with selecting voice talent from our large database of native speakers who provide the type of voice you want with the experience to guarantee the accuracy of pronunciation, diction and tone.
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Instructional Videos
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Movies and Television
  • Radio Interviews

Voice-over Translation and Recording Options

In addition to voice talent casting and directing, our multimedia professionals can offer pre and post production services, subtitling and two voice-over styles.
  • Narration Style Voice-over: A narration voice-over replaces the original voice with a second language. If required, the voice is synchronized with text or images (lip-synching).
  • U.N. Style Voice-over: The localized voice replaces the original narrator’s voice while the original audio can be heard in the background. This less time-consuming option is often used for corporate recordings or videos.
Regardless of the style, Voice-over translations must be adapted to fit within the time constraints of the scenes, as well as be sensitive to speech patterns and intonation to enable the talent to produce seamless recordings.

Experience the difference a qualified voice-over translation company can make for your multimedia assets. Contact Communicaid, Inc. today for an estimate.