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Communicaid has become a valued source for our translation needs, and have always met their delivery commitments.
-Paul Marin Ventana Medical Systems, A Member of the Roche Group

Translator's Special Holiday 10-10-10
Professional translators have to carefully verify that all dates are localized properly because a mistranslated date could cause a major disaster for clients. The 10th of October, 2010 is a special day for translators because no matter which country you are from, this date is written as 10/10/10.

Communicaid 11 Point Localization Preference Check List
At Communicaid it is our job to make the whole translation process easier on you. That is why we developed and would like to share with you our 11 Point Localization Checklist so every project starts off on the right foot, with both you and the Project Manager on the same page in terms of your

“Without labor nothing prospers.” -Sophocles
The first weekend of every September has always been a long weekend since the creation of Labor Day in 1882 - a holiday that offers a well-needed break to all our busy lives.
The Communicaid team would like to wish you a Happy Labor Day!

Language and Culture of the 50 US states
Have you ever wondered which of the 50 states is the most multi-lingual state, where did the state names come from or what are the top 10 languages spoken in your state? This free web series showcases some of the interesting facts about the languages and cultures of each state.

Chinese New Year Red Envelope 1: Face
Communicaid has created a 10-part web series of “Chinese Red Envelopes” that contains tips and wisdom of the Chinese way to help you enhance luck and fortune in your upcoming endeavors.

Business Translators Collaborate for Optimal Results
In the world of business, translators can open previously locked doors of opportunity for a company. However, the success of your translation project is dependent upon the entire translation team - not just the main business translator.

Translate Culture and Language: Globalization and Localization from .net Magazine
This article features tips and trends on how to globalize your brand without comprising its strength.

Do I Really Need Professional Translation to Attain Global Reach? Study Results from Chief Marketer
This article explains the importance of translating marketing material for your international clientele.

Translations: Multilingual SEO from Multichannel Merchant
This article discusses what muiltilingual SEO efforts entail while maximizing the use of SEO efforts done in the original language.

Filling Diverse Insurance Translation Needs
Whether you're trying to process a medical workers' comp claim or complete underwriting for a large corporation, your requirements for insurance translations are the same-accurate, on time translations that convey your message exactly as intended.

Translations: Translation Buying Guide II from the ATA (American Translatiors Assocations)
This brochure from the ATA follows up on its Translation phamphlet, "Getting It Right", further detailing the caveats of the translation process for both buyers and sellers.

Document Translation Services for Highly Specialized Industries
When searching for document translation services many companies by default chose the option with the lowest bid. However, for projects that require a degree of technical know-how, a price-based decision could be a costly one.

A Team Approach for a Legal or Business Interpreter
To an outsider, interpreting may seem like a simple job. It's just talking after all, right? Every legal and business interpreter will tell you that there's more to the process of interpreting than meets the eye.

Translations: Guide to Chinese Cultural Subtleties from strategy+business
This article gives insight into trends of the Chinese culture that may 'surprise' foreign businessmen trying to enter its market.

Dubbing Services Maximize Multimedia Reach
When you consider the fact that 80% of the information we recall is visual, it makes one wonder why multimedia isn't utilized more in business-especially when the investment in video has already been made and the only thing standing in the way of a global audience is dubbing services.

Characteristics of a Reliable Translator
Through years of experience in different industries and situations, Communicaid has set high standards that allow for reliable translation in any situation.

The Best Use of Business Translation Service: Print vs. Video Marketing for a Global Audience from Digicast
Tapping international markets can allow companies to increase revenue and growth. This articles explores effectiveness of video medium versus printed medium when used to reach overseas buyers.

Benefit of Becoming Translation Partners
Experience the difference a long-term partnership can make. From the planning stage to the final execution, enjoy a seamless project with maximum results.

Translations: Translation Buying Guide ATA (American Translators Association)
For non-linguists buying a translation is often a source of frustration. This guide will help you navigate the difficult maze of choices you face with confidence.