Medical Interpretation

Their quick response, professional manner and quality interpreters make my job so much easier.
-Linda Lowry, Quality Medical Associates

Experienced California Medical Interpreters Boost Quality of Care, While Reducing Risk

Patient care and regulatory compliance should never be put in jeopardy due to a communication barrier. However, word-for-word interpretations may not suffice in delicate medical situations. Communicaid-accredited medical interpreters possess stellar language proficiency as well as medical terminology expertise, allowing you to ensure the safety and well being of a patient is never compromised while reducing risk for your practice.

The Trusted Source for California Medical Interpreters

Throughout California, medical interpreters are available to translate your words, but only Communicaid interpreters are guaranteed to be punctual and embody a professional appearance and demeanor. This garners trust and confidence for all parties. We respond rapidly to a variety of medical interpretation needs, including:
  • Surgeries
  • Medical Consultations
  • Physical Therapy
  • AMEs, QMEs and MSCs
When every word counts, call Communicaid. Think your target language might be too obscure? We have experienced interpreters in more than 80 languages! Contact us today for an estimate.