Medical and Life Sciences Industry

Communicaid is fast, responsive and accurate. They take care of us in a professional manner every time.
-Jeff Fox, Product Marketing Manager, A&D Medical

Boost Product Awareness and Acceptance with an Expert Medical Translator

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(If you are looking for professional on-site medical interpreters that allows patients to speak with medical staff in their own native tongue, click here.)

A medical translator can expand your window of opportunity, but ineffective or incorrect translation can quickly slam it shut. Take advantage of the opportunity without the risk by working with Communicaid's highly trained, native speaking medical experts.

Communicaid offers complete medical translation services that are:
  • Accurate: There is no room for error in medical translation. Poor translation can hinder product acceptance and revenue, and even risk lives. At Communicaid, native speaking medical professionals collaborate with ShareFile™ technology to complete your translations. Separate proofreaders utilize editing and validation tool, SafetyNet™ and Translation Memory, to ensure accuracy and maintain integrity.
  • Responsive: Your Project Manager provides real-time status reports to ensure deadlines are met and costs are contained. A single point of contact removes project management headaches while allowing for continuous assessment of required resources to meet your project's deadline and complexity needs.
  • Well Written: A medical translator that has effective writing skills provides you with a distinct competitive advantage. The writing is clear, easy to understand, and connects with the audience at a level that shows knowledge of the language, the industry and the culture.

Communicaid Only Uses Medical Professionals as Medical Translators

As a Communicaid client, your translation team is composed of medically qualified experts who are skilled in practical medicine and the science behind new innovations. Certified and tested medical translators and editors deliver validated translations in all medical disciplines.

Experience the difference an expert medical translator can make. Contact Communicaid, Inc. today for an estimate.


Medical Translation Expertise

  • Manuals and IFU's
  • Labels and Packaging
  • Records, Forms and Documents
  • Brochures and Booklets
  • Case Studies
  • Software Application Interface
  • Web-based Content