Legal Industry

Communicaid has excelled in supplying me with top-notch certified interpreters for court and office assignments.
-Carlos A. Aubain, Esq. CAAA Member

Limit Liability and Maximize Legal Strategy with Legal Translation Services

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When translating legal documents, maintaining the full benefit of your carefully devised legal strategy – with no negative effect on outcome for either party – is possible with professional legal translation services from Communicaid, Inc. Our highly trained, native speaking legal experts allow you to manage the necessary legal documents across language barriers while minimizing risk.

Our legal translation services are:
  • Accurate: Inaccurate legal translation can spur significant liability or financial risks, or affect the outcome of a case. Communicaid professionals collaborate with ShareFile™ technology to complete your translations and separate proofreaders utilize editing and validation tools, SafetyNet™ and Translation Memory,to ensure accuracy and maintain integrity in every word.
  • Responsive: A legal translator with effective writing skills provides you with a distinct competitive advantage. The writing is clear, easy to understand, retains the intent of the author, and connects with the audience at a level that shows knowledge of the language, the industry and the culture.
  • Well Written: Your Project Manager provides real-time status reports to ensure deadlines are met and costs are contained. A single point of contact removes project management headaches while allowing for continuous assessment of required resources to meet your project's deadline and complexity needs.

Legal Translation Services from Industry Experts

Law firms have named Communicaid, Inc. their preferred provider of legal translations services for a reason – in-country and subject matter experts analyze and translate all documents and culturally tune them for technical proficiency to the letter of the law.

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Legal Translation Experience

  • Contracts
  • General business litigation
  • Licensing agreements
  • Patent applications and litigation
  • Trademark registrations
  • Tax filing documents
  • Deposition and trial interpreters