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They were timely, professional, and were quick to anticipate next steps. Communicaid exceeded our expectations.
-Leslie Murdock, Manager, Consumer PR, McAfee

Maximize Opportunity and Limit Risk with Skilled Corporate Translation

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Carefully planned and executed corporate translations open the door to the limitless opportunities of the global business marketplace. Without it, crossing language and cultural boundaries exposes your business to embarrassment and risk. The business professionals at Communicaid, Inc. use their experience with business operations and translation to bring a real advantage to your internal and external communications.

When you partner with Communicaid, you'll value corporate translations that are:
  • Responsive: Opportunity waits for no one. Your Project Manager understands that and provides real-time status reports to ensure deadlines are met and costs are contained. A single point of contact removes project management headaches while allowing for continuous assessment of required resources to meet your project's deadline and complexity needs.
  • Accurate: Inaccurate corporate translations are costly and risky. Communicaid professionals collaborate with ShareFile™ technology to complete your translations. Separate proofreaders utilize editing and validation tools, SafetyNet™ and Translation Memory, reveal inconsistencies in numbers, units, and important phrases that could hinder your success.
  • Well Written: Clear, culturally sensitive communications are well written and validated to extend opportunity without unnecessary risk.
Set your sights high with our corporate translation services. Contact us today to get started or to request a project estimate.


Business Translation Experience

  • Employee and training manuals
  • Instructional video voice-overs
  • Contracts and licenses
  • RFP's and RFQ's
  • Patent applications
  • Financial statements and annual reports
  • Specifications
  • Research/analysis reports
  • Manufacturing SOPs

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