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We were impressed by your responsiveness and the professional appearance of all the deliverables.
-Katie Hill, The Research & Planning Group, Inc.

Expand Opportunity, Minimize Risk with Expert Marketing and Advertising Translation

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The investments you've made to develop a finely tuned marketing message can quickly be lost without expert advertising translation. What's more, inaccurate translations or culturally insensitive messages can tarnish your brand – ultimately destroying the bottom line. The native speaking marketing experts at Communicaid, Inc. tackle the nuanced task of advertising translation with zeal, allowing you to maintain the integrity of your message while creating a culturally sensitive and appropriate translation.

Working with our marketing translators, you'll experience messages that are:
  • Responsive: Consumer demands drive deadlines, and patience is in short supply. Your Project Manager understands the time crunch and provides real-time status reports to ensure deadlines are met and costs are contained. A single point of contact removes project management headaches while allowing for continuous assessment of required resources to meet your project's deadline and complexity needs.
  • Well Written: By adapting materials to the target culture prior to translation, your message remains as powerful as originally intended while also being clear and culturally sensitive.
  • Accurate:Inaccurate advertising translations can destroy your reputation. Communicaid professionals collaborate with ShareFile™technology to complete your translations. Separate native speaking proofreaders utilize editing and validation tools, SafetyNet™ and Translation Memory, reveal inconsistencies in numbers, units, and important phrases that could hinder your success.
Expand to new markets, build global relationships and increase sales – with effective marketing translation the possibilities are endless. Contact us today for a project estimate or to learn more about how our experience can benefit you.