The Translation Service Company with Diverse Industry Experience

How can a translation service company accurately relay the intended meaning of a message when it doesn't possess any industry insight or even understand the context in which the words are used? They can't! Recognizing and translating the words of a message isn't sufficient in highly technical or specialized industries.

At Communicaid, Inc., we understand the danger behind verbatim translations, which is why we have positioned ourselves as the translation service company recognized for expert translation and interpretation in a variety of industries including:

Accuracy and Reliability Extend Across Industries

Our extensive network of translators and interpreters is comprised of native speaking industry experts – each backed by a Communicaid Project Manager. So regardless of your subject matter, project type or industry, you are guaranteed to receive the same level of accurate, quality writing and interpretation from a responsive team that delivers on time and within budget.

Discover how our industry and linguistic expertise can benefit you. Contact us today for an estimate.