Frequently Asked Questions

What types of language services does Communicaid offer?

Communicaid offers a full spectrum of language services including translation, interpreting, localization and voice-overs.

Translation is the conversion of the written word from one language to another. It requires a high degree of grammatical fluency in both the target language as well as the language of origin, but has the distinct advantage of allowing post-translation editing and proofing.

Interpreting is the live conversion of the spoken word for one or more other people. It requires an exceptional degree of concentration, bilingualism and expertise as well as in the industry-specific jargon, because it affords the interpreter no opportunity to stop and look up unfamiliar terminology.

Localization covers other unique elements of culture beyond language, such as units of measurement, currency and calendar formatting, which must also be converted in order to make your project culturally appropriate for its intended recipients.

Voice-over is the recording of a soundtrack in English or foreign languages, such as that of an actor in a movie or a radio announcer.

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