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Interpreting Case Study - Seagate Technologies

Interpreting Case Study - Seagate  Technologies Seagate Technologies called Communicaid to help set up their live language conferencing environment during their Supplier CEO conference where top Seagate management meets their key Japanese suppliers. Strategy buy-in, technology transfers, specifications, pricing, market share and profits can all be at risk. Hence, all presentations need real time, on-site, interpretation of either English-to-Japanese or Japanese-to-English.

What Seagate had envisioned was a single language paradigm whereby a presenter would speak to passive listeners much like a lecture (consecutive interpreting). In this approach, the audience would listen as one linguist at a time performed the live interpretation in whichever language was needed - with no dependency on advanced equipment. The unforeseen challenge that evolved, however was a much more demanding United Nations style, interactive discussion (simultaneous interpreting) - something for which Seagate had not planned. While such last minute changes are, in fact, typical of conferences, corporate marketing and logistics personnel rarely anticipate them, or understand their greater implications, because they are usually focused on other aspects of the event.

Simultaneous interpreting is an exponentially more complex project involving advanced communications, more technology, more interpreters, labor for additional equipment installation, and management expectations. Devices such as sound controllers, mixers, and whisper booths for the interpreters must be installed and synchronized. At least twice the number of much higher skilled interpreters is required because they can only concentrate at such a level for 30 minutes shifts.

Communicaid's on site, highly experienced conference interpreting team was available, dedicated, ingenious and creative. They quickly adapted to the real time change of requirements and provided the appropriate interpreters and technical setup to enable two speakers with two different languages to be interpreted at the same time. Their project expertise also extended to the adroit management of all participants, the senior management of Seagate and the Suppliers, and laborer''s to install the interpreter's whisper booths and communications equipment. Communicaid addressed and implemented a myriad of systems logistics to arrive at a solution in time for all participants to understand whatever language was being spoken.

That kind of success exemplifies Communicaid's core competency of bridging together two important business partners through service, ingenuity, adaptability and persistence. Also, it''s dedication to providing significant and durable business value to companies like yours.

Each and every day, Communicaid, makes the impossible possible. Each and every day, it makes the difficult easy. While Seagate faced serious unforeseen obstacles at their conference, Communicaid faces and solves these challenges routinely. We have the resources, technology, manpower, connections, experience, solutions and management that customers can depend upon. We are committed to being a member of your team and taking the problem off your plate so that you can focus on your business opportunities.

What Communicaid customers can always depend upon is a continuous and total commitment to your success. Prevent those hard to anticipate conference challenges that could rob you of opportunities - consult with and count on Communicaid.

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