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Translation Case Study - Schawk, Inc.

Translation Case Study - Schawk, Inc. Schawk, Inc, a world class branding and imaging provider, counts on rapid time-to-market to maintain their competitive advantage. They were not satisfied with their turnaround times for translation projects from their previous translation companies. They expected more and always seemed to get less. Schawk was frustrated and unhappy, and particularly critical of missed deadlines, inconsistent quality and unresponsive customer service. The challenge: How to provide very fast, accurate and high quality translations of their product introduction marketing materials for a global audience - virtually overnight.

At Communicaid, Schawk saw a team whose next day translation process was uniquely customer friendly and responsive. From the very outset, Communicaid maintained an open line of communication with Schawk through the use of visually portrayed project maps (Gantt Charts), and helped Schawk design new business processes so that accurate, high quality translations could be delivered within 24 hours. Communicaid drew from their unique Urgent Response Team best practices, which included a dedicated team of linguists to help respond to new projects quickly. As part of the best practices, Schawk and Communicaid worked together to establish streamlined purchase and control processes that allowed Communicaid to deliver an unprecedented level of quality and responsiveness - which no other translation provider had been able to do.

The results for Schawk have been phenomenal. Next day and even same day projects were delivered as promised, and that continues to this day on a consistent basis. Communicaid's Urgent Response translation team works together with Schawk in an effortless manner providing reliable and top quality translations. And, communications are so seamless that Communicaid is often viewed as another division within Schawk. As a result, the 24-hour translation for Schawk has become consistent and predictable. Schawk knows that they can count on Communicaid.

The results for Schawk are typical of Communicaid. They are a product of constantly refined best practices, core values and a mission of superb customer service. Communicaid has made the investment in human capital and business processes that raise the standard of responsiveness for translation and interpretation to a level that can benefit any customer with needs like Schawk's.

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