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Interpreting Case Study - Hewlett Packard

Interpreting Case Study - Hewlett Packard Hewlett Packard's Personal Systems Group (HPPSG) held a product release conference in the fall of 2007 at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park in New York City, for their Asian markets press. At risk were their image and their Asian partner investment and support. Success depended on clear communications in multiple languages; but failure could torch their strategy and dilute the market impact they needed. Unfortunately, the HPPSG logistics team had not planned for the more complicated interpreting problem that emerged, so an emergency request was put out to Communicaid.

Originally, Communicaid was asked to plan and staff for single direction onsite interpretation of Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages. This meant that linguists would interpret a single presentation into Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Communicaid, out of their commitment to HP's success, had flown their project manager to the event. And, upon the project manager's arrival in New York, HPSPG immediately informed Communicaid that an impromptu press interview between HPSPG senior management and the Korean press was planned that afternoon. In the pending interview, both parties were going to have to wear headsets, and both parties would need simultaneous English to Korean or Korean to English interpretation. This more than doubled the task Communicaid needed to address - on extremely short notice.

With only three hours until the press conference, Communicaid's project manager had to identify, book and dispatch two bilingual Korean linguists to the interview, plus locate and install more communications equipment - an impossible task for most interpreting companies. Communicaid's smooth business processes, experience with conference interpreting, and a deep database of talented multilingual consultants, resulted in the identification of two excellent Korean interpreters in two hours! They were interviewed and approved by HP, and dispatched in time for the press interviews. The interaction with the Korean press was an absolute success; and because Communicaid's solution was seamless and transparent, it salvaged the opportunity and prevented loss of face for HP's Asian managers.

Multilingual conferences or meetings hold much promise for companies like yours to both explore new business opportunities and to heighten working relationships with your business partners, overseas offices, press and pundits. Last minute changes are frequent however, so success depends on choosing the right interpreting team - like Communicaid for our flexibility and “do what ever it takes” commitment to you.

Sadly, it is not uncommon for some vendors to misrepresent their commitment, performance and reliability. At Communicaid, however, your every interpreting or translation project is given meticulous planning and quick adaptation to rapidly changing events. Communicaid is committed is to be a de facto member of your team, who anticipate your needs and take problems off your plate. For HPPSG, this commitment was unquestioned and highly evident.

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