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Translation Case Study - Lockheed Martin

Translation Case Study - Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin, a global advanced technology company and shipbuilder, received an unpleasant surprise - a lengthy Request For Proposal (RFP) for Shipbuilding in a language they could not read. Before their RFP team could even decide whether to bid or not, the shipbuilder faced the loss of valuable time and the potential high costs of translating the RFP in its entirety. The uncertainty and risk were unknown and unpredictable, but the rewards could be high and mean the difference between a good and bad year. The challenge: How to decide if the RFP was an opportunity the shipbuilder wanted to pursue without having to spend the time and money of having the RFP translated in it's entirety.

Your decisions about responding to foreign language business opportunities can be either time consuming and costly, or timely and cost effective. Communicaid simplified and accelerated the shipbuilder's response to the RFP by coming up with a non-standard, unusually creative solution: Use a subject expert translator to “read through” the entire document, then hold a conference call to discuss the "gist" of the document. During the conference call, the translator facilitated a discussion that helped to identify the pertinent sections that needed to be fully translated.

Not only were Communicaid's team able to locate and highlight the most important elements of the RFP, their domain knowledge also created key insights to the RFP and an early stage value analysis, something that was not possible under traditional translation efforts. This allowed the shipbuilder to make a bid decision in a timely and cost-effective manner.

With twenty years of experience, Communicaid breaches the walls of business uncertainly with its creative, customer-centered approaches that bring subject expertise, timeliness, depth and breadth to your translation needs. With the highest standards for translation of foreign language content in legal, scientific and business documents, Communicaid makes your global business opportunities faster, easier, and simpler to win.

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