Translation Process

We are held to the highest standards of excellence, and the material we deliver must — and did — meet that standard.
-Erich Scheller, CMRP Life Cycle Engineering

Meet Deadlines and Guarantee Accuracy with the Art and Science of Our Translation Process

When done effectively, the translation process should be regarded as both an art and a science. The act of translating a message based on a set of finely tuned criteria is an art. However, the process of ensuring the correctness of that message within the rapid timeframe dictated by the speed of business is somewhat of a science.

At Communicaid, Inc., we have established a proprietary TEP+N process that leverages enhanced collaboration and numeric proofing tools to guarantee maximum accuracy and speed.

What TEP+N Means to You

  • Translation: Our team of highly qualified, native speaking translators can support more than 80 different languages and dialects for multi-tiered levels of accuracy in language and message.
  • Editing: Collaborative editing teams of subject experts work closely to quickly identify and rectify technical terminology errors.
  • Proofing: Professional linguists and subject matter experts with a fresh perspective proofread all work to guarantee fluency, proper spelling, relevant word usage, correct grammar, unaltered context and appropriate cultural nuances so that the document sounds like it was written in the target language and not like a translation.
  • Numeric Validation: Our proprietary numeric proofing tool, SafetyNet™, alerts proofing and editing teams to inconsistencies and omissions with numbers and measures that might otherwise go undetected. .
The Communicaid, Inc. translation process has been developed and refined to provide precise and timely results. Discover how our translation process can benefit your next project. Contact us today for an estimate.