Translation Memory

Communicaid always provides fast, prompt, courteous service... a quality product at a competitive price.
-Dave Lais, Product Communications Specialist Sundance Spas, Inc.

Translation Memory Makes Reliable Translation Affordable and Timely

Communicaid has made reliable translation even more affordable with Translation Memory. Translation Memory is an innovative tool that utilizes cutting-edge software to retain all your past translation projects. When a project begins, repetitive text within the document or phrases from past translations are recalled and used, so only new content must be translated.

Benefits of Translation Memory

When you consider the fact that up to 30% of content in multiple projects is repetitive, the benefits of Translation Memory abound:
  • Save Money: Fees for utilizing previously translated content are drastically reduced.

    Communicaid discounts all repetitions and matches as follows:
    Repetitions70% Discount
    100% Match100% Discount
    85% - 99% Matches50% Discount
    Repetitions = Repeated segments in the English measured in words
    100% Matches = Word for Word Matches with the accumulated translation memory on a per segment basis that will not have to get touched in the new file
    Fuzzy Matches = Segments that are between 85 and 99% identical matches with the translation memory that will require editing.

    Depending on the amount of repetition the base price might come down considerably. Additionally, as we translate content the memory base will grow and there will be further discounts for matches with this memory as well!

    We have seen as much as an 80% reduction in cost because of recycled content over time!!!
  • Turnaround Times Decrease: As your Translation Memory database grows, there is increasingly less content to be translated on future projects, resulting in a quicker turn-around of future projects.
  • More Consistent Translations: The style, tone and preferred terminology remain consistent across all materials.
  • Transferable Documents: At periodic or requested intervals, Communicaid can provide your Translation Memory database files, which will allow you to benefit from past projects even if you chose not to continue working with us. This level of transparency is not available with every translation company.
To learn more about how Translation Memory can help provide you with ongoing, reliable translation services, contact Communicaid today.