We were impressed by your responsiveness and the professional appearance of all the deliverables.
-Katie Hill The Research & Planning Group, Inc.

The Translation Partner with Multi-Level Responsiveness

Putting the success of your translated message in the hands of someone else can be difficult – especially if you've had difficulties with a translation company in the past. At Communicaid, Inc., we operate as your translation partner from the beginning to be responsive to your needs, timeline and budget.

As a Communicaid, Inc. translation partner, you'll value:
  • Contact: A Communicaid Project Manager acts as your single point of contact to keep you informed of project status and cost containment.
  • Awareness: Visual project charting offers clear, real-time project status so there's never a surprise.
  • Speed: Situations arise when time is of the essence. That's why we provide contracted Communicaid clients with expedited translation services – sometimes with same day delivery. Regardless of the timeframe, accuracy is never sacrificed!
Experience the difference a responsive translation partner makes. Contact us today.