Communicaid's translation services help us keep channels open to our employees in a wide variety of languages...
-Roxanne Conrad LSG Sky Chefs

Demand Professional Translators with Multi-Faceted Qualifications for Optimal Results

Effective translation extends far beyond simply changing words from one language to another. Grammar, syntax, localization - and a complete understanding of the industry, subject matter and comprehension level of the target audience are all vital components. Only the most skilled professional translators with a set of multi-faceted qualifications are able to address each aspect. &

At Communicaid, Inc., we understand the role this experience plays and will only work with a professional translator if he/she meets our established set of stringent qualifications.
  • Native speaker with prior work and translation experience, and strong writing skills in the target language
  • Familiarity with regional usage variations in the target language
  • Fluent understanding of the source language
  • College degree or higher in the target language and professional/technical degree or experience in the industry
  • Professional Qualifications from governing bodies such as ATA
  • Consistent record of timeliness and ability to work in a collaborative environment
Take advantage of the rigorous recruiting process Communicaid, Inc. has developed. Contact us today for an estimate on your upcoming project. Think you have the skills to work with us as a professional translator? Complete an application now.