We were pleasantly surprised at the technical accuracy and understanding of the nuances of the terminology of our vocabulary
-Carmelo Amarena Savi Technology, Inc., a Lockheed Martin Company

Reliable Professional Translation Services Begin with In-Country Native Speaking Linguists

Accuracy has many forms. You deserve reliable professional translation services that address them all. At Communicaid, project accuracy begins with a foundation of in-country native speaking linguists who seamlessly combine language, industry knowledge and nuances of the targeted local culture for messaging that maintains its relevance, impact and original intent.
  • Linguistic Accuracy: Communicaid translators are native speakers with good writing skills and an expert knowledge of grammar, which means their skills extend far beyond literal translation. Language variances in sentence structure and context are addressed for complete linguistic accuracy.
  • Vocabulary and Idiomatic Equivalence: Communicaid translators understand that typical American expressions may be impossible to translate and that a language may lack words to convey an equivalent meaning or may have multiple options. The art of precise translation lies in these details.
  • Conceptual Accuracy: Your translation is more than just descriptive words. It contains meaning that requires a conceptual understanding of the subject matter. As a Communicaid client, you'll benefit from native speaking industry experts who are able to convey crucial principles.
  • Mechanical Accuracy: Certain items like acronyms, mottos, units of measure, symbols and stylized word usage are not always translated. Mechanical accuracy ensures they aren't when appropriate.

Proprietary Technology and Processes Boost Accuracy

With Communicaid's reliable professional translation services, multi-level accuracy assurances mean you won't inadvertently offend a client, lose an important account, or face project delays, increased costs or legal exposure. You'll value:
  • Multiple reviewers utilizing encrypted ShareFile™ technology for collaboration.
  • Proprietary proofing tool, SafetyNet™, that validates against the source document.
  • Translation Memory for improved efficiency, speed and quality over multiple projects. Appropriate use of TM can also reduce costs and improve consistency.
Experience the difference reliable professional translation services can make. Contact Communicaid, Inc. today for an estimate.