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- The origin of the name “Oregon” in unknown. One theory is that the name comes from the French word “ouragan” (hurricane). French explorers called the Colunbia River “Hurricane River” because of the strong winds of the Columbia Gorge.
Another account was advanced by George R. Stewart in a 1944 article in American Speech. According to Stewart, the name came from an engraver’s error in a French map published in the early 1700s, on which the ouisiconsink (Wisconsin) River was spelled “Ouaricon-sint”, broken on two lines with the -sint below, so that there appeared to be a river flowing to the west named “Ouaricon”.

Population: 3,421,399 Number of Counties: 36
138 languages spoken. Top 10 languages spoken:

Oregon has the highest percentage of Romanian and Romany speakers in the United States.