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Chinese New Year Red Envelope 2: Collectivism

- This is the 2nd installment of the Communicaid's 10-part “Chinese Red Envelopes” series. In this episode, we will examine the collectivistic character of the Chinese to help you understand the underlying value that built its culture and also most Asian cultures.

The Chinese culture measures very high on the “collectivism” scale along with Japan and Korea compared to most western cultures. This means that the Chinese, in general, is a collective society that strives for harmony and group belonging, whether to family, friends, work, or country. [1]

The Chinese are more willing to suppress their own feelings and needs for the good of the group. This value has been passed down the Chinese culture from folklores where martyrs sacrificed their lives for their community or country ever since the dynastical eras 5,000 years ago.

In a business sense, this means where the western audience may search on a company website for features such as product uniqueness and privacy statements, the Chinese audience will look for features such as family friendliness and product forums. Product fan clubs are a prominent feature in Chinese websites because they allow customers to connect and share user experience with others and also provide an avenue for the company to build brand reputation. [2]

For a more detailed explanation of the traditions and wisdom within the Chinese cultures, please contact the professionals of Communicaid Inc via telephone at (888) 853-2083 or email.

[1] [2] Singh, Nitish and Pereira, Arun. The Culturally Customized Website. Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann, 2005. 0-7506-7849-6

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