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Chinese New Year Red Envelope 1: Face

- The Chinese New Year is coming up on February 14th to mark the beginning of the Tiger year. In the tradition of the Chinese culture, we would like to wish you good luck and fortune.

Communicaid has created a 10-part web series of “Chinese Red Envelopes” that contains tips and wisdom of the Chinese way to help you enhance luck and fortune in your upcoming endeavors.

The essence of building a relationship in the Chinese culture can be summed up by the term 面子 “Mian-zi” (also refered to as 脸 “Lian”) which translates into English literally as “face” meaning respect or reputation. Face can be gained (“zhang mian-zi” 长面子), given (“gei mian-zi” 给面子) or lost (“diu lian” 丢脸). [1]

It is critical to avoid situations that will cause either you or your friend to lose face during the initial stages of relationship building. You should set the foundation of the relationship by establishing mutual respect. Any communication should be taken with the purpose of increasing face for both parties in mind.

Business-wise, this means you should refer to local business partners or mention regional awards you have won to establish face for your firm when meeting your client for the first time. Anything that can prove you are locally respected will earn you face in the business community and enhance your appeal to prospects. Prospects will also feel that face has been gained when they are dealing with a reputable firm.

For a more detailed explanation of the traditions and wisdoms within the Chinese cultures, please contact the professionals of Communicaid Inc via telephone at (888) 853-2083 or email.

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