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A Team Approach for a Legal or Business Interpreter

- To an outsider, interpreting may seem like a simple job. It's just talking after all, right? Every legal and business interpreter will tell you that there's more to the process of interpreting than meets the eye.

Business interpreters are required to comprehend complete thoughts and ideas while identifying speech patterns, correctly restructure sentences, and remain familiar with the jargon or terminology of the industry-all in a noisy or sometimes chaotic environment. The process can use up to 22 cognitive skills, which, without rest, can cause a great deal of mental fatigue and therefore errors. Studies have shown that significant errors in meaning can occur after 30-45 minutes during simultaneous interpretation.

One proposed solution for the mental fatigue of a legal or business interpreter is team interpreting. Team interpreting allows more than one person to relay communication to and from the audience. Team interpreting:
  • Is ideal for tasks lasting more than two to three hours

  • Is suitable for situations primarily in the simultaneous mode

  • Should only be done with business interpreters who are familiar with each other. Time breaks, signals, terminology and equipment should be agreed on ahead of time.

Think the team approach might be right for you the next time you require business interpreting? Contact the professionals at Communicaid to discuss the benefits.