Communicaid Language Solutions

Communicaid has become a valued source for our translation needs, and have always met their delivery commitments.
-Paul Marin Ventana Medical Systems, A Member of the Roche Group

Business Translators Collaborate for Optimal Results

- In the world of business, translators can open previously locked doors of opportunity for a company. However, the success of your translation project is dependent upon the entire translation team - not just the main business translator. At Communicaid, Inc., we understand the vital role teamwork plays, which is why our project managers are highly trained at assigning and managing a project team who possess the translation, management and communication skills necessary to deliver a quality translation while also maintaining optimal production flow.

Every Communicaid project proceeds under these basic guidelines:
  • Directed by the project manager, the entire team must be responsive and clearly communicate ideas, needs and the progress of the project.

  • The roles and responsibilities of each person are clearly defined at the project onset to avoid redundancy.

  • Constructive criticism must be given and taken for optimal results.

  • Success can only be reached as a team. Therefore, each person must realize how their work as business translators affects the work and reputation of the group and company as a whole.

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