Communicaid Language Solutions

We were impressed by your responsiveness and the professional appearance of all the deliverables.
-Katie Hill The Research & Planning Group, Inc.

Filling Diverse Insurance Translation Needs

- If you're in the business of insurance, translation needs can vary greatly. However, whether you're trying to process a medical workers' comp claim or complete underwriting for a large corporation, your requirements for insurance translations are the same-accurate, on time translations that convey your message exactly as intended.

At Communicaid, Inc., we apply the same level of dedication to every job, which lets you maximize opportunities while limiting risk. When you partner with Communicaid, you'll value insurance translations that are:
  • Responsive: A dedicated Project Manager provides real-time status reports to ensure deadlines are met and costs are contained.
  • Accurate: Communicaid professionals collaborate with ShareFile™ technology to complete your translations. Separate proofreaders utilize editing and validation tools, SafetyNet™ and Translation Memory, reveal inconsistencies in numbers, units, and important phrases that could hinder your success. The result is greater accuracy and lowered risk.
  • Well Written: Clear, culturally sensitive communications are well written and validated to extend opportunity.