Communicaid Language Solutions

Communicaid is fast, responsive and accurate. They take care of us in a professional manner every time.
-Jeff Fox, Product Marketing Manager, A&D Medical

Characteristics of a Reliable Translator

- If the task of finding a reliable translator has fallen to you, it can be hard to know where to start. The person just needs to know both languages, right? At Communicaid, Inc., our standards are set extremely high because we understand how big of an impact -negative or positive-a translation can make.

Countless companies have called on us to remedy an embarrassing or harmful translation. Through these experiences, we have developed the core characteristics of a reliable translator.
  • Clear, effective writing that communicates the intended message
  • Accurate translation of the entire message including syntax, message intent, grammar and vocabulary
  • Prompt replies to questions or inquiries and on time delivery of every project
  • Target language native speaker with industry knowledge attained through real life experiences

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